Ann Romney’s Diagnosis, and Mitt Takes the Lead

At The Corner, Robert Costa has a nice interview with Ann Romney that includes this exchange:

NRO: Speaking of people who are making claims, what do you make of President Obama’s telling a Wisconsin crowd that the governor was duplicitous during the debate?

ROMNEY: I hadn’t heard that, but that’s interesting. Mitt’s positions are exactly what they’ve always been, and if he had done his homework, he would have known better.

NRO: So you don’t think the president did enough homework?

ROMNEY: Well, something happened.

Something happened, indeed. Today’s Rasmussen poll, just out, shows Romney with a two-point lead, 49%-47%. This is with two-thirds of the interviews conducted after Wednesday’s debate, so it is reasonable to hope for another point tomorrow. This represents a much bigger bounce than I expected Romney to get, but like most people I didn’t expect the massacre that viewers saw. Rasmussen also finds that Romney leads Obama by 16 points among independents. I don’t understand how he can be up by 16 with independents and only two overall, but I guess all will become clear in time.


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