Are the Wheels Coming Off?

Never mind Gallup: how about this poll result that find Romney now leading Obama in Florida with Jewish voters?!?!  (Perhaps someone can supply the best Yiddish epithet for this in the comment section.)  Another poll I saw briefly this morning has Romney with a slight lead in Pennsylvania.  (More on that poll here.)  And just wait until people process what Obama said about Benghazi during this afternoon’s taping of The Daily Show: “When four Americans get killed, it’s not optimal.”  Not optimal???  Just what number of killed Americans would be optimal, Mr. President?  And people wonder why Obama is considered aloof and bloodless.

If indeed the Gallup and other results are not outliers, then we are indeed seeing a building “preference cascade.”  And we can expect the Obama campaign to hit the panic button.  They’ll unleash Joe Biden again!  He might even say something crazy like how Paul Ryan wants to shoot “real bullets” at people.  Oh, wait. . .


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