Big choice, big changes

In case you missed it, the big political news yesterday was Meat Loaf’s endorsement of Mitt Romney in Defiance, Ohio. Wasn’t it? Alluding to a highlight of this past Monday’s presidential debate, Mr. Loaf cited Romney’s “backbone.” Video of Mr. Loaf in action is accessible here. The Washington Post’s Phil Rucker covers the story here. I love that dateline: Defiance.

Thanks to RealClearPoltics, I found the NBC video of Mitt Romney’s stump speech in Cincinnati yesterday (posted here). The speech is interesting in a variety of respects, including Romney’s buoyant attitude.

All but two or three of the themes strike a chord with me. I particularly appreciate the prominence given to the promised repeal of Obamacare. The optimism about the future despite our present circumstances harks back to 1980 and Ronaldus Magnus, as Steve calls him. Romney also invokes the moving third verse of “America The Beautiful,” the verse that Ray Charles moved up to the top in his magnificent rendition of the song. I thought readers might want to take a look at the speech for themselves to hear what must be something close to Romney’s closing argument in this critical election.


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