Child Abuse of the Left

One of the famous stories of Ronald Reagan as governor of California is the time his limousine was making its way through a crowd of hippie protesters, and one protester held up a sign to his window reading, “We are the future!”  Reagan grinned, grabbed a piece of paper, scribbled a quick note and held it up to the window for the protester to see: “I’ll sell my bonds!”

That’s the first thing that comes to mind in viewing this Dunham-worthy (my new scale for cringe-worthiness by the way will be the Dunham Scale: 1 to 10–and this one here goes to 11) video about “Children of the Future.”  Have your airsick bag at the ready (and your bond broker on speed dial):

Shouldn’t be surprised.  The Left really does think the world works like this:

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Or this:


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