Dubious donations: Obama BS edition

Earlier this month the Government Accountability Institute report cited chapter and verse showing how the Obama campaign was set up to facilitate illegal foreign contributions (among other kinds of illegal contributions). We wrote about the case study provided by the New York Post a few days ago.

Over at PJ Media, Mike McNally goes the whole nine yards to show how the Obama campaign accepts illegal foreign contributions. McNally is a citizen of the United Kingdom; he provides the details demonstrating the ease with which he was able to make three illegal contributions to the Obama campaign. (His attempted contribution to the Romney campaign was promptly rejected.)

We posted the Obama campaign’s response to the GAI report here. The Obama campaign denies that it is doing what the GAI report, the New York Post, and McNally all show them to be doing.

Today we learn that President Obama calls Governor Romney “a bullshitter” (and does so for publication). This is about as pure a case of projection as one can find.

I asked GAI president Peter Schweizer for a comment on McNally’s post. Peter writes:

Foreign money getting into presidential campaigns continues to create enormous concerns about the presidential electoral process. We need immediate transparency.

What Team Obama has given us is transparent BS.


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