Dubious Donations, once more once

Earlier this week the Government Accountability Institute published yet another report featuring Obama’s dubious donations. The GAI has posted a PDF of the report here. Courtesy of readers Hunter Schultz, Sean Mahan, Charlie King, Jim Bell, Jim Arneson and Dave Wollstadt — thanks to you all — I’m posting the report’s chart from page 3 below. Analyze this:

GAI president Peter Schweizer describes the report as “a big picture look at FEC data indicating a much looser level of security by the Obama campaign.” Peter adds: “We looked at donations from nonexistent zip codes in the FEC filings of both Obama and Romney. Any kind of AVS [Address Verification System] worth anything will require an accurate zip code. Some of these donations could be from personal fundraisers, but the Obama numbers are enormously high: he has accepted 20 times the number of donations with nonexistent zip codes as Romney. And he was a clear outlier even in 2008.”