Is the Florida Senate race now close?

Today brings word of two new Rasmussen Senate polls — one from Virginia, the other from Florida.

The Virginia poll shows Democrat Tim Kaine and Republican George Allen in a virtual tie, with Kaine at 48 percent and Allen at 47. That’s basically old news. Kaine and Allen have been deadlocked in most polls throughout the campaign season.

In Florida, Rasmussen has Democrat incumbent Bill Nelson virtually tied with challenger Connie Mack. It’s Nelson 46, Mack 45. A week ago, Rasmussen found Nelson to be leading Mack by 7 points. A month ago, Nelson also was up by 7. So Connie Mack seems to have moved back into strong contention.

I should note, however, that a PPP poll taken around the same time as Rasmussen’s gives Nelson an 8 point advantage. But even PPP shows Nelson stuck at 45 percent, not a good showing for an incumbent Senator at this stage.

Some Florida polls have detected a Romney surge in Florida. If Romney truly has opened up a lead in Florida, then it is plausible to believe that Mack may well have pulled roughly even in his race.


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