Join Us At PL Live for Tonight’s Debate (Plus Media Alert)

Tonight is the big night: Barack Obama will try to get up off the canvas and punch himself back into the lead in the presidential race. He promises to be more “aggressive” than last time, while not going so far as to make a fool of himself like Joe Biden. Meanwhile, the format is a town hall. How will the allegedly undecided voters and Candy Crowley skew the questions to make the candidates look bad? And will Democratic reporters, who long to write a story about Obama’s comeback, get enough material to make that line plausible?

The possibilities are just about endless, but one way or another tonight’s debate will be a major event in the campaign. What better way to watch the event than with your friends from Power Line? Tune in to Power Line Live and voice your own opinions as the debate progresses.

The crowd will begin to gather an hour or so early and will peak by the time the debate begins. We had close to 2,000 participants for the first Romney-Obama debate. Meanwhile, I will be on Hugh Hewitt’s radio show tonight to offer my predictions about how the event will go. If you don’t have a radio show near you that carried Hugh’s show (5 to 8 Central time), you can always go to Hugh’s site and scroll down the right sidebar to where it says “Listen to the show now.”


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