Join Us At Power Line Live for Tomorrow’s Debate

The presidential race is too close to call, and seemingly hasn’t moved much for quite a while. So many observers think tomorrow night’s debate, which will focus entirely on domestic policy, will break the logjam one way or the other. I’m not sure that’s right, but the debate will be a fascinating event regardless. Will Barack Obama finally have to answer hard questions about his record? Will Mitt Romney come across with the unapologetic conservatism that will fire up the base, or will he be playing to the middle?

Join us at Power Line Live to watch the debate in the company of your fellow conservatives. Critique the answers; critique the questions; boo Obama; grumble about Romney. You will be among friends! The bar (it’s a chat room, really, but we think of it as a bar) will open a half hour or so before the debate begins, or whenever visitors start to arrive. So pour a cold one and join us.


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