No man is a hero to his garbageman (updated by John and Paul)

Mitt Romney certainly isn’t a hero to his.

The garbageman thinks Romney doesn’t care about him. The basis for this conclusion isn’t clear. Maybe it’s that Romney believes he has no shot at his garbageman’s vote. Romney is right about that.

JOHN adds: So is this the new standard in presidential politics? We vote for the guy who cares more about his garbageman? Actually, if I had to choose on that basis, I’m pretty sure Romney would get my vote, but it is an awfully dumb standard.

PAUL adds: John, I think the standard is dumber than what you have described. It’s not who cares more about his garbageman; it’s who does the garbageman believe cares more about him.

And STEVE adds: I was going to skip saying that this really scrapes the bottom of the can, but it turns out it has backfired, as Romney has quite a lot to say with respect to (and for) garbage haulers.  Bob Owens has the full details over at PJ Tattler.


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