Obama to financial cliff — bring it on

President Obama said yesterday that he’ll veto any bill designed to avoid the “financial cliff” America faces unless that bill raises taxes on the top 2 percent. Bill Otis had this reaction:

This by itself should cost him the election. The guy is perfectly willing to kick off a new recession (not that we’re truly out of the last one) because the Republican House will only give him 98% of the tax policy he wants instead of 100%.

This is the work, not just of a class warrior, but of an unhinged ideologue of the sort we have seldom seen. If the issue is put to the public as I put it just now, I think it’s a catastrophe for the Democrats. Obama is actually willing to cashier continuing and needed tax benefits for virtually the entire country simply because he can’t contain his hate for successful people.

Yup, that’s about the size of it.



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