Politically-Driven Law Enforcement Has Consequences

I had a terrible time getting to my office this morning. I heard on the radio that the reason was a fatal accident on Highway 494, one of the Twin Cities’ major arteries. It turned out that the accident was caused by an unlicensed motorist who ran out of gas on the highway, causing a pile-up. The Minneapolis Star-Tribune reported:

The sequence of events began when a minivan driven by Isidoro Corona, 49, of Minneapolis, ran out of gas in the right lane and came to a stop causing three other vehicles in that lane to crash, the patrol said. There was no shoulder on the road at the crash scene because of road work barriers.

A cab driven by Nadir Ombabi, 57, of Burnsville, slowed down near the scene, swerved into the middle lane, sideswiped another vehicle and then was struck in the driver’s side door by a large truck driven by Bruce Hanson, 48, of Onamia, Minn.

Ombabi was killed, and David Paul, 64, of Minneapolis, whose SUV hit Ombabi’s cab from behind, was injured.

The Strib quotes a Bloomington police officer, who pointed out that there are gas stations at every exit on Highway 494, and it is hard to see why anyone would run out of gas. The man who caused the fatal accident, Isidoro Corona, was unhurt. So, who is he? The politically-correct Strib offers clues:

Court records show Corona has been cited at least seven times in Minnesota for driving without a valid license since 2005, along with other traffic violations.

Seven times? How can that possibly happen? And yet Corona was still driving, quite happily, apparently, until his ineptness finally killed someone. You have to read between the lines to surmise what may be going on here:

A federal immigration official spoke to him briefly after he was booked and an “immigration detainer” was placed on him, meaning federal authorities intend to talk to him further, said Shawn Neudauer, spokesman for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement in the Twin Cities.

So, is Corona an illegal immigrant? I suspect so. Minneapolis and St. Paul are “sanctuary cities.” It is hard to understand how someone can be arrested “at least seven times” for driving without a license, “along with other traffic violations,” and not only be out of jail–there is no suggestion that Corona has ever been incarcerated–but still driving a car. Would a citizen be treated so leniently? That is hard to imagine. I suspect that Corona got favored treatment precisely because he is an illegal. But perhaps that is not the case. Maybe Minnesota’s law enforcement is this lame across the board. Be that as it may, an idiotic leniency–the kind of stupidity that liberals describe as well-intentioned, when its inevitably disastrous consequences come to light–cost an innocent man his life.


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