Spreading the wealth in Ohio

In his brilliant book Spreading The Wealth: How Obama Is Robbing The Suburbs To Pay For the Cites, Stanley Kurtz showed that redistributing wealth is the central organizing principle of Barack Obama’s ideology, and his deepest aspiration as president. During his first term, Obama pursued his wealth-spreading agenda cautiously. Nonetheless, his two main legislative achievements, the stimulus bill and Obamacare, are highly redistributionist.

In the second term, as Kurtz demonstrated, the centerpiece of Obama’s domestic agenda will likely by the redistribution of money from the suburbs to the cities. Obama intends to accomplish this redistribution through various means, most notably by conditioning federal grant money on the creation and/or use of “regional” bodies, as opposed to standard governmental units like cities, towns, and counties. The regional bodies would be controlled by a coalition of cities and poorer “inner ring” suburbs and aided by regulations and additional conditions imposed by Washington to the disadvantage of the suburbs.

Lately, Kurtz has been researching how the Obama redistributionist agenda would play out in Ohio, that most important of battleground states. He reports his findings in this piece for NRO. It turns out that the left-regionalist agenda is already very advanced in Ohio, as are Obama’s attempts to push it over the top there.

The votes of suburbanites in Ohio may decide this election. Let’s do our best to make sure they know what Obama has in store for them.


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