Support Chip Cravaack for Congress (Updated)

Congressman Chip Cravaack of Minnesota’s 8th District is one of Power Line’s “Pick Six” candidates. Cravaack won perhaps the biggest upset of the 2010 cycle when he defeated Jim Oberstar in a district the Democrats had held for longer than anyone can remember. Cravaack is one of a handful of Republican House members whose races are drawing massive infusions of cash from the national Democrats. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee is currently blanketing Minnesota’s airwaves with outrageously misleading commercials against Cravaack (they never mention his mediocre opponent).

I sat down with Chip for this interview a few weeks ago:

Cravaack is running a strong race. His military background as a Navy pilot and his history as a leader of the airline pilot’s union have opened doors for him in his union-friendly district, and despite the Democrats’ hysterical efforts, he has a good shot at re-election. Chip’s American Conservative Union rating for 2011 was 88%, so he is winning with a solidly conservative approach to the issues. If you would like to donate to Chip’s campaign–please do!–go here.