The Emperor’s rented clothes

The first debate between President Obama and Mitt Romney was probably the most stark “Emperor has no clothes” moment in our modern political history. And the problem for Obama did not end with that debate. In the second and third debates, Obama tried to substitute shots at his opponent (mostly cheap ones) for clothing.

Meanwhile Romney, having turned the momentum in his favor, kept talking about his clothes — his five point plan to create jobs, the approach he would take to the Middle East, and so forth. When the dust had settled, the flailing, naked Obama trailed his challenger by several points in the national polls.

So Obama finally decided to don some attire, in the form of a four-point economic plan. Tellingly, he rented these clothes from Romney.

Obama actually owns some clothes of his own — the ones he has worn during his presidency. They are knock-offs of the dull garb worn for decades by European Socialists, with a few Chinese accessories thrown in. He donned them after becoming president, having previously dazzled voters with hip, even psychedelic attire during the 2008 campaign.

Forced to face the voters again, this time in bad economic times when hipsterism is not an option, Obama concluded that both no clothes and Romney’s clothes are preferable to his own wardrobe.


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