The Moral Case for Free Enterprise, In Videos

We wrote here about the American Enterprise Institute’s video contest: $50,000 in prizes to those who portray in short video form the moral case for free enterprise. AEI’s contest was inspired in part, I am happy to report, by our own Power Line Prize contest last year.

The deadline for entries in the contest was September 4, and AEI has now assembled some of their favorites in a YouTube gallery. The prize winners will be announced on Tuesday. In the meantime, it is a lot of fun to check out the gallery. There are some excellent efforts there.

This one, called “Pet Enterprise,” was produced by our friend Kirk Kolbo. Kirk, I had no idea!

This one, “Joke of the Day,” is by Don Brookins, who made the famous “Doorbell” video for the Power Line Prize contest. “Doorbell” went on to receive well over a million views.

This one, by Christopher Gould, is called “Take Your Own Shot:”

This one is very affecting. It is called “Freedom’s Price:”

There are lots more; we will post additional ones as we have time to watch them. In the meantime, you can watch all of the finalists here.


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