The National Debt, In One Chart

If you have any friends or relatives who fall for President Obama’s claim that the ballooning national debt is somehow George Bush’s fault–two wars without a tax increase!–this update of a familiar chart, done by an InstaPundit reader, is a great way to set the record straight. Note how modest (relatively speaking) the federal deficits were during the “two wars” era, and how they metastasized under Barack Obama, beginning in 2009. (Almost all of the spending bills for FY 2009 were passed by the Democratic Congress and signed by Obama, including, of course, the “stimulus.”) Actual deficits beginning in 2009 are the orange bars:

There are two appalling aspects to our exploding national debt under President Obama: the first is the sheer magnitude of the burden with which we are saddling our children. The second is that we have virtually nothing to show for it; not even a perceptible amount of infrastructure improvement.