The Obama Energy Faceplant: It’s As Easy as A123

While we continue to dissect last night’s debate, let’s savor this wonderful video (just 2:30 long) from the Michigan Economic Development Association about the whole A123 debacle (filing for bankruptcy right before Obama touted “securing the energy of the future” even as he disdains the energy of the present).  This pretty much captures the entire liberal delusion about energy and economics:

Footnote: Back in April I mistakenly lumped A123 in with a roster of bankrupt green energy companies, which produced a sharp phone call from the company, and a quick correction to the post.  At the time my pal and sometimes debate partner Robert Bryce predicted that A123 would end up in bankruptcy within 18 months.  Looks like I was just a little early, and Robert too optimistic, since it only took seven months.