The Weekly Winston: Joe Biden Edition

From remarks on the floor of the House of Commons, April 28, 1926:

I always try to economize the use of false arguments as much as possible, because a false argument is so often detected, and it always repels any listener who is not already a convinced and enthusiastic partisan.

Maybe a better parallel for our Biden would be one of WSC’s descriptions of Stafford Cripps, a far left-leaning Labourite:

Neither of his colleagues can compare with him in the acuteness and energy of mind with which he devotes himself to so many topics injurious to the strength and welfare of the State.

But by far the most apt Churchillism for our slow-Joe is his dismissal of Labour MP Hugh Dalton:

The Hon. Gentleman is trying to win distinction by rudeness.

Incidentally, Queen Victoria once referred to Hugh Dalton as a “horrid little boy.”  Love to know what she’d make of Biden; “horrid” wouldn’t do him adequate justice.


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