To their core

The vice president of the United States was back on the campaign trail in Greeley, Colorado yesterday. Thus spake the vice president (video below):

I want to make this clear so there no misunderstanding anybody. I got a daughter, lost a daughter, got four granddaughters, and Barack has two daughters. We are absolutely — this is to our core — my daughter, and my granddaughters and Barack’s daughters are entitled to every single solitary operation! EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY OPERATION.

Well, thanks. That explains a lot.

Admit it. You can’t make this stuff up.

Despite the comic wrapping, Biden’s statement provides a rich text. He’s talking, I think, about Obamacare, about abortion, and about the essential doctrine of modern liberalism. The only thing he’s not talking about: who is obligated to pay for the girls’ EVERY SINGLE SOLITARY OPERATION?

Via InstaPundit/PJ Tatler/Washington Free Beacon.

STEVE adds: Reminds me of Lyndon Johnson’s spontaneous moment in the 1964 campaign, when he boiled down Great Society liberalism with the phrase, “We’re for a lot of things, and against mighty few!”

P.S. Does every single solitary operation include prostate exams and vasectomies?  I have no doubt it includes hair plugs. . .


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