Tom Cotton of Arkansas

Jay Nordlinger wraps up his four-part series on our friend Tom Cotton at NRO this morning. Part I is here, part II is here, part III is here, and part IV is here.

Tom is running to represent Arkansas’ Fourth Congressional District. He is one of our Pick Six candidates. John held a fundraiser for Tom in Minneapolis early in the campaign.

Jay’s reports provide strong evidence that come election day, the results in Tom’s race will give us at least one piece of good news to celebrate. Please check out Jay’s columns to get some sense of why Tom’s election will be such good news. He is a profound advocate of the cause of the United States and a born leader.

We first got to know Tom in connection with a deeply critical letter to the editor that he wrote to the New York Times (and copied us on) in June 2006. The Times deep-sixed it, but we posted it in “A word from Tom Cotton.” The letter wasn’t quite the shot heard ’round the world, but it made an impact. We have also profiled Tom several times over the past six years, as we did last year in “Real true grit,” which I adapted from one of Paul’s posts about Tom.