Watch Tonight’s V-P Debate at Power Line Live

It’s being promoted as a cage match: In this corner, weighing in with an IQ of 86, the Fighting Blue Hen, the Scrapper from Scranton, Smokin’ Joe Biden! And in the other corner, weighing in with an IQ of 165, the pride of Southeastern Wisconsin, Paul “Never Met a Number I Couldn’t Crunch” Ryan! So what better way to watch the event than with a bag of popcorn, a beer, and your friends from Power Line? Tune in to Power Line Live and add your comments–snark is permitted–to what we hope will be a triumphant chorus.

The crowd will begin to gather an hour or so early and should peak shortly after game time. I am traveling today and am not sure whether I will make it or not, but the bar will be packed and some of my cohorts no doubt will check in. So join us!


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