Wednesday Afternoon Videos: Laff Tracks and Me

So the so-called “Law of Averages” would suggest that if you have to make three airplane connections in one day, one of them is going to misfire, and so sure enough I’m cooling my heels right now for several extra hours in an airport, overheating my Kindle and my patience in equal measure, etc.  Nevertheless, your intrepid roving Power Line bureau remains on the job.

Our pal Charles C. Johnson passes along a pointer to a new video series that Arthur Laffer is doing at the moment called “Laff Tracks.”  This first one calmly dissects Obama’s dismissal of Mitt Romney’s tax plan:

And my pals at PERC have edited down the conversation I had with author Charles Mann on Monday afternoon in Bozeman (I’ll have some other outtakes from this conversation custom for Power Line in a couple of days):

By the way, if you’ve never read any of Mann’s works (especially 1491: New Revelations About America Before Columbus) do yourself a favor and put him on your book list.


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