What If Liquor Stores Were Run Like Elections?

Here in Minnesota, there is a constitutional amendment on the ballot in November to require photo identification to vote. No doubt you are aware of the farcical history of recent Minnesota elections, which forms the backdrop for the voter ID proposal. The Democrats, of course, are trying their hardest to keep their voter fraud option alive.

One of the peculiarities of Minnesota election law, of which the Democrats have taken great advantage, is the “vouching” process. A person can show up at the polls not registered to vote, with no evidence whatsoever the he or she is a legal voter, or even a resident of the state–in fact, an entire busload of such people can and do show up in a given precinct–but the voter(s) nevertheless can cast ballots as long as there is a registered voter at the precinct who will vouch that they are proper voters. One person can vouch for up to, I believe, 15 persons who are not registered and have no evidence of being residents of the precinct or otherwise proper voters. The Democrats frequently station “vouchers” at polling places.

That is by way of explanation of this very funny video by Protect My Vote, the principal organization working on behalf of the voter ID amendment. It is called “What If?”

Even if you don’t live in Minnesota, I urge you to contribute to Protect My Vote. (I gave them $1,000.00.) The pro-voter fraud forces have vastly more financial resources than those who care about ballot integrity. No matter where you live, protecting the honesty of elections everywhere is vitally important. Remember, it was Minnesota’s lack of election integrity laws that gave you Senator Al Franken, and Al Franken was the 60th vote for Obamacare. Don’t let it happen again!


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