What’s the difference between Watergate and Benghazigate?

The lying of the Obama administration concerning events at Benghazi is comparable to the lying associated with Watergate. As Bill Otis says:

The Administration said they had no actionable intelligence. They had plenty. The Administration said they provided adequate protection. They didn’t, and were told it was inadequate by their own people on the ground.

The Administration, as ever in a rush to apologize to Islam, said the attack was caused by the Internet video. It wasn’t. It was pre-planned as the Jihadist anniversary of 9-11.

The Adminstration says it was a spontaneous mob. But there was neither a mob nor spontaneity.

The Administration says it has crippled al Qadea. It hasn’t; instead, al Qadea not only cripples, but kills our people, including our ambassador. And the Administration persists in each of these lies even today, while an important security officer in Yemen was assassinated on his way to our embassy there.

So what’s the difference between Watergate and Benghzigate? At Watergate, Bill reminds us, no one got killed.