A word from Tom Brown

Tom Brown is the father-in-law of Dartmouth alum and ABC News White House correspondent Jake Tapper. I admire Jake’s work; he seems to me to be a straight shooter. He’s not toeing anybody’s line.

Mr. Brown draws attention to Tapper’s new book, The Outpost: An Untold Story of American Valor, to be published on November 13. He writes:

Jake details life for our soldiers as they build, man, support and abandon an outpost in Afghanistan. Troops die, families are notified and the drama and danger individually felt are communicated factually and honestly in a true story of the war in Afghanistan.

Read the book and understand why our service members and their families do what they do. Read the book and understand the war in Afghanistan.

Jake is my son-in-law. I was privileged to watch the last honest reporter standing (my opinion) dedicate himself to reporting truth and honor of the families and individuals involved in his writing of The Outpost.

It is the great American story of the war and a classic.

Visit The Outpost on Facebook, take the time to read it, and you will be better for it.

Tom Brown

Mr. Brown closes on a local note:

P.S. You guys do a great job with Power Line. I was raised in Roseville, Minnesota and now live in Virginia. (Grandkids.) Say hi to Ole and Lena for me.

We’ve run lots of book notes over the years, but never one from the author’s father-in-law. We are glad to have Mr. Brown’s testimony to the merits of The Outpost on the record for the benefit of interested readers.


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