Chart Time

I’m making my students this semester produce time-series charts and graphs as part of their assignments for a variety of reasons in addition to the usual sadism of all classroom instructors.  Chiefly because a good data graph can tell a story more dramatically than straight prose, which you may not take in or believe anyway.  So here are a few stunners out right now.

From, this wonderful chart showing how Google is killing newspapers and magazines:

From investor John Mauldin, I learn that not only has China passed the U.S. in coal consumption, they’ve also blown way past us in meat consumption:

Wait until the meat-hating environmentalists learn about this (or Mayor Bloomberg–I’ll bet the ChiComms have LOTS of salt on their meat).

Also from John Mauldin, this interesting chart in the relation of farmland prices and gold prices, which is susceptible of many interpretations:

By the way, you can sign up for Mauldin’s free email newsletter at  Interesting guy.


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