Coming Soon: The Hinderaker-Ward Experience, LIVE! With John Thune and Michael Barone

We are going to try something new tomorrow: as we record Episode 37 of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience from 11 to 12 central time, 12 to 1 eastern, we will also broadcast the podcast live, like a radio show. I will post a button or something shortly before the broadcast begins that you can play to listen to the show live. Afterward, of course, it will be available as a podcast.

If you are a member of Ricochet, you can go to the Ricochet chat room to comment on the show and ask questions. We will be monitoring the chat room and will respond to selected questions and comments. If you are not a member of Ricochet, you can become one for a mere $3.67 a month.

Barring unforeseen technical obstacles, we are planning on broadcasting future episodes of the Hinderaker-Ward Experience live as well. In honor of the occasion, we have lined up two great guests, Senator John Thune and Michael Barone, to talk about the aftermath of the election and about the fiscal drama that is now unfolding in Washington. So plan to tune in tomorrow!


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