Gaza terrorist theater 101

The murderous thugs of Hamas possess formidable expertise in a wide variety of subjects, including how to terrorize a civilian population — and not just Israelis. Their mastery of media manipulation also impresses. It would be even more impressive if the media they manipulated were’t such willing tools. In the video below, Rabbi Shraga Simmons gives a short course in Gaza Terrorist Theater. At this point, it’s a useful retrospective.

Hamas staged a different kind of production in honor of the execution of six alleged “spies for Israel.” One of the publicly executed “spies for Israel” turns out, apparently, to have been something other than advertised. The Daily Mail reports he was really a rival Islamist, executed and mutilated under cover of the conflict. (Has BBC Middle East bureau chief Paul Danahar updated his tweet, or has he moved on?)

IPT News shows the theater arriving at a venue near you in “Video: Following Gaza ceasefire, Cleveland rally calls for Israel’s destruction.”


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