Green Weenie of the Week: Mayor Bloomberg

Okay, granted, New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is huge weenie. Full stop.  (Christopher Hitchens aptly called him a “picknose control freak.”)  And being a giant weenie comprises all lesser forms of weenieness (weeniedom?) And while John has already take Power Line notice of Bloomberg’s silliness, he still deserves to be singled out officially to receive Power Line’s coveted Green Weenie Award for his precious endorsement of Barack Obama on the ground that Obama will fix climate change.  Most environmentalists don’t even believe that any more, and only go along with Obama again because they can’t find the Green Party on their ballots.

Apparently Bloomberg hasn’t noticed that the Lightworker wasn’t able to stop the sea level from rising when it counted.  (For his next act, maybe Bloomberg will call for destroying the moon to prevent high tides.)  Even better, check out the chart below, assembled from NOAA hurricane data, of the reverse correlation between rising greenhouse gas concentrations and hurricanes making landfall in the U.S.  It’s the kindof display someone could almost look up and assemble on one of those fancy finance desktop machines that say “Bloomberg” on them.  In fact, it kinda looks like a hockey stick in reverse, doesn’t it?  (Heh.)


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