Happy Thanksgiving, With a Note On Holiday Shopping

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our readers! 2012 has been in many respects a disappointing year, in some an awful one. But there remains a great deal to be thankful for. Among many other things, we are grateful for our conservative friends and allies who keep alive the vision of a better nation and a better world.

About that holiday shopping: although I don’t think we have ever mentioned it, we are an Amazon affiliate. That means that if you click on our book shelf, which takes you to Amazon, and then buy something, we get a small percentage of the purchase price, at no cost to you. It doesn’t have to be a book either; anything you buy after accessing Amazon via this site, we get credit for. One time someone clicked on the book shelf, bought a book, continued shopping and bought a laptop, too. We got a percentage on the laptop. Yahoo! So to speak.

Now, we aren’t going to distract our readers with links to knife sales and the like at Amazon–just kidding, Glenn–but we would sincerely appreciate it if, in the course of doing holiday shopping at Amazon, you go there via our book shelf, regardless of what you are shopping for. Thanks!

Finally–speaking of holidays–I have been somewhat on holiday from this site in recent days, due to work demands. But I should be back in business over the holiday weekend.

UPDATE: Michael Ramirez adds this topical Thanksgiving reference:


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