Inside Project ORCA

Failure like the Romney campaign’s on Tuesday is always overdetermined, as is success like the Obama campaign’s. One apparent failure that must be taken into the reckoning is that of Project ORCA, heralded in one of the email blasts of baloney that the Romney campaign churned out in its closing days. We were in no position to evaluate it, but we wanted to believe (as did Governor Romney himself). ORCA was to enhance and magnify the impact of the campaign’s turnout operation. It was to make the campaign’s turnout operation competitive with Obama’s in battleground or “target” states.

What happened? So far as we can tell, ORCA proved to be something of an epic failure. At Ace of Spades HQ, John Ekdahl recounts his personal experience in “The unmitigated disaster known as ORCA.” At Breitbart, Joel Pollak adds testimony from a source inside the Romney campaign in “Inside ORCA: How the Romney campaign suppressed its own vote.”