Israelis support air attacks but do not favor an invasion

The Israeli public overwhelmingly backs its government’s decision to launch operation Pillar of Defense in response to Hamas’ rocket attacks against southern Israel. A poll taken for the Israeli Center for Political Training found that 85 percent of Israelis believe embarking on the operation was the correct decision.

Israelis divide, however, on the question of what should happen next. According to the same poll, 45 percent favor continuing the air strikes; 25 percent think Israel should commence a ground war in Gaza; and 22 percent want a cease-fire agreement.

A poll taken for Ha’aretz found essentially the same thing. 84 percent support the military operation; 39 percent want it to be continued by air; 30 percent back a ground invasion; and 19 percent call for an immediate cease fire.

These poll results help explain, I think, why Israel has not launched a ground operation even though, on the merits, it is probably the most sensible course.


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