Mayor Bloomberg: I’m Not Giving Up on the Oceans!

In one of the least surprising and least significant endorsements of 2012, Mayor Bloomberg has come out for Barack Obama. Bloomberg cited “climate change” as one of his reasons for endorsing Obama, so apparently he hopes that if Barack can just have another four years, he will be able to do something about those pesky oceans.

So this seems like a good time to remind our readers of the prequel to Hurricane Sandy, the great hurricane of 1938–apparently they didn’t have names then–that killed 256 people in New England and New York. Winds were measured at up to 183 mph:

“Climate change” has been with us for a long time. How old is the Earth, 4 or 5 billion years? Yeah, about that long.

STEVE adds: I had a post here last year, around the time of Hurricane Irene and the Virginia earthquake, recalling the 1938 storm. Worth a look back if you have a moment.


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