Romney Hanging On By His Fingernails

It has been a terrible night for Republicans, with hardly a bright spot anywhere. The Senate has gone South, and Mitt Romney has underrun his expected (by me and many others) performance in pretty much every contested state. I’ve been ready to give up for a while, but Karl Rove says it isn’t quite over yet. If Romney wins all of the outstanding swing states: Florida, Virginia, North Carolina, Ohio, Iowa and Colorado (maybe I’m missing one more)–he wins the election. Those are all states I was confident Romney would win, except possibly Iowa, but at the moment he is behind in almost all of them. Still, it is remotely possible that it could happen. If so, I’ll read about it in the morning.

STEVE adds: It’s definitely a steep uphill climb, but it would be an odd thing if Romney wins the popular vote by the margin he currently has (about 2.5%) and loses the electoral college.  It’s the one thing that makes me think he might eke it out, and should if he wins the popular vote by that margin at the end.  Obama’s vote from the Left Coast might change this, though.

Since I’m on the Left Coast and it is still early out here, I’ll man the ramparts for a bit longer.


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