The Dick Morris “franchise” — don’t count it out

Dick Morris appeared on Bill O’Reilly’s show last night to explain his badly mistaken prediction that Mitt Romney would win a landslide victory over President Obama, another in a long line of bad Morris calls. At the end of the segment, O’Reilly asked, “how badly does this hurt your franchise?”

Morris responded by asking who else has “gotten the President of the United States elected?” Answering his own question, he cited David Axelrod, Karl Rove, Pat Caddell, and James Carville.

But Morris’ assistance to Bill Clinton isn’t why his “franchise” is probably secure. It’s secure because there’s generally a market for credentialed folks who, with sufficient self-assurance, tell people what they want to hear.

STEVE adds: Amen, Brother Paul.  I’ve been thinking for a while of writing a critique of Fox News’s promotion of charlatans like Morris. He’s not the only one, unfortunately.  We deserve better from “our” news network.


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