Al Qaeda Offers Bounty on American Ambassador [UPDATE: Obama–Benghazi Was “Just Some Sloppiness”]

Well, why not? They’re one for one so far. Maybe someone will claim the bounty by organizing a group movie review. The AP reports:

Al-Qaida’s branch in Yemen has offered to pay tens of thousands of dollars to anyone who kills the U.S. ambassador in Sanaa or an American soldier in the country.

An audio produced by the group’s media arm, the al-Malahem Foundation, and posted on militant websites Saturday said it offered three kilograms of gold, worth $160,000, for killing the ambassador.

The group said it will pay 5 million Yemeni riyals ($23,000) to anyone who kills an American soldier inside Yemen. It said the offer is valid for six months.

The bounties were set to “inspire and encourage our Muslim nation for jihad,” the statement said.

Do you suppose that will be enough to induce Hillary Clinton’s State Department to beef up security in Sanaa? Speaking of Hillary, the State Department has definitively announced that she is NOT partying with Anna Wintour and Barbara Walters in the Dominican Republic.

I should certainly hope not! Presumably she is still resting up from that nasty concussion or hangnail or whatever it was, so that she can testify about Benghazi at the earliest possible opportunity.

UPDATE: In his interview with David Gregory this morning, President Obama said the murder of four Americans in Benghazi, including the assassination of our ambassador, was due to “just some sloppiness.” Still no word from Hillary.