Brave old world

An editorial paragraph in the November 12 National Review caught my attention. It concisely relates a story that dates to early October:

Last month Megan Ryan was elected homecoming queen by her classmates at Bishop Hartley High School in Columbus, Ohio. Ryan has Down Syndrome, a condition associated with cognitive disability and an enlarged capacity for expressing affection. As high-school seniors, her peers belong to a cohort especially susceptible to narcissism, which by declaring their esteem for her they renounced. Adolescents of all ages typically strive to be cool,, or hot, but not warm. We lament the dumbing down of our culture and the closing of the American mind. It’s a terrible thing to waste, we say. Well, so is the soul, as they must call it at the Catholic high school where Ryan was honored. Their affirmation of that truth deserves affirmation.

The Columbus Dispatch has more here.


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