Doha or D’oh!-a?

Did no one at the UN think that a meeting in Doha might bring up unfavorable comparisons to Homer Simpson’s favorite exclamation?  Both John and I have raked this farce over the coals, but it’s always worth doing more.  Benny Peiser of the Global Warming Policy Foundation rounds up the dour media conclusions. Like Reuters:

[Headline] Despair after climate conference, but U.N. still offers hope

At the end of another lavishly-funded U.N. conference that yielded no progress on curbing greenhouse emissions, many of those most concerned about climate change are close to despair.

As thousands of delegates checked out of their air-conditioned hotel rooms in Doha to board their jets for home, some asked whether the U.N. system even made matters worse by providing cover for leaders to take no meaningful action.

Or Inter Press Service:

Doha Climate Summit Ends With No New CO2 Cuts or Funding

DOHA, Qatar, Dic 10 (IPS) – The United Nations climate talks in Doha went a full extra 24 hours and ended without increased cuts in fossil fuel emissions and without financial commitments between 2013 and 2015.

“This an incredibly weak deal,” said Samantha Smith representing the Climate Action Network, a coalition of more than 700 civil society organisations.

“Governments came here with no mandate for action,” Smith said in a press scrum moments after the meeting known as COP 18 ended and the 195 parties to the U.N. Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) approved a complex package called “The Doha Climate Gateway”.

No, wait–they didn’t actually call it the “Doha Climate Gateway,” did they?  Cue the tape!  Here’s what I wrote here on Power Line a year ago after the last such circus:

As Nature puts it, “In the search for a successor to the Kyoto Protocol, we now have the Durban Platform, which comes on the heels of the Bali Road Map and the Copenhagen Accord.”  In future years I expect we can look forward to the Frankfurt Farce, the Rio Reneg, the Tokyo Two-Step, the Melbourne Mumble, and the Marrakesh One-Two.

D’oh!  I overlooked the potential of the Doha Gateway.  Anyway, if you’re into Schadenfreude, there’s more at Benny’s fine website.

Walter Russell Mead beats down as well as anyone:

The Kyoto protocol, the ineffectual walking dead climate treaty, will lurch on for a few more years, toothless and brain dead. The rich countries yet again remain vague about what for most developing countries is the only real point of the whole thing, substituting vague pledges of good well for the annual $100 billion in green gold demand by the third world countries whose clueless militancy turned the General Assembly into a pointless sideshow decades ago.

The inexorable decline of the climate movement from its Pickett’s Charge at the Copenhagen summit continues. The global green lobby is more flummoxed than ever. These people and these methods couldn’t make a ham sandwich, much less save Planet Earth.

Walter leaves out just one word: Losers.