Doha Wrap-up

Steve Hayward has done an admirable job of covering (i.e., ridiculing) the latest United Nations climate hysteria-fest in Doha, Qatar. The global warming phenomenon is all about money–Al Gore making off with a hundred million dollars, hundreds of scientists who are willing to abandon the scientific method raking in many billions in government funding, poor nations demanding vast amounts of money to “compensate” them for the world’s allegedly warming climate. So these international conferences have become a ritualized dance in which the world’s poor countries demand money, and the rich countries humor them and make vague promises without actually coming across with the cash. That is what went on in Doha.

In The Week That Was, Ken Haapala, Executive Vice President of the Science and Environmental Policy Project, offers this succinct wrap-up of the Doha farce:

As of this writing it appears that the 18th Annual Conference of Parties (COP 18) of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC) in Doha, Qatar, ended its two-week session to try to reach an agreement for the control of carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions to replace the expiring Kyoto Protocol. It ended in an all too typical 24 hour negotiating marathon in which it appears little was accomplished except [an agreement] to do it again. The Kyoto Protocol was extended to 2020 for the countries that agreed. (Details are not yet clear.)

The Green political groups, partially funded by the US government, criticized the lack of progress (read economic penalties self-inflicted on wealthy countries). China and India would have none of this blood-letting. The UK taxpayers appear to be big losers with Ed Davey, the Climate Change Secretary, agreeing to some deal that will commit Britain to spending billions of pounds, part of which will go to subsidize inferior sources of electricity in Africa under some green fund with details to follow. No doubt, few of the claimed benefits will actually be delivered to those who need them the most.

Of course, the alarmists claim a deal must be struck immediately because their science states that unless carbon dioxide emissions are limited, the end is near. Their science does not consider the fact that the HadCRU surface temperatures show no global warming trend in 16 years. Do not let facts to get in the way of ideological belief! The touching moment came when the Philippine climate change commissioner fought back tears when claiming the typhoon that hit the Philippines was exacerbated by global warming / climate change. Simply because he believes it so does not make it so. The cyclone data contradict his claims.

With usual aplomb, Christopher Monckton commandeered a microphone during a break and announced to the climate change diplomats that nature is not obeying their science and their models. He was quickly escorted out of the room and his credentials seized. The pompous do not care to be reminded of their ignorance.

In the run-up to Doha, numerous organizations made outrageous predictions of the extent of global warming / climate change if CO2 emissions are not controlled. An informal survey shows that the World Bank was the winner of the most outlandish prize. The Bank claimed that temperatures will rise by 4 degrees C (7.2F) in about fifty years (as early as the 2060s). Also the Bank claimed that the Arab world would suffer the most. This was politically very appropriate, because the conference was being held in part of the Arab world.

However, its claims demonstrate that the World Bank’s climate experts are apparently ignorant of climate history. According to H.H. Lamb, during the period of about 5500 to 8000 years ago the Sahara was wet and populated with elephants, hippopotami, crocodiles, etc. Subsequent archeological research shows cultures relying on agriculture, including dairy. The Northern Hemisphere, if not the world, was warmer during this period. The tropical rains that brought life giving water failed as the hemisphere cooled. But why consider messy climate history, when you have a beautiful, unvalidated, computer model?

Why? Because you’re trying to lay hands on trillions of dollars, that’s why. Global warming hysteria is one of the most cynical scams in world history. As is often the case, to appreciate the extent of the fraud you have to follow the money.

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