Miracle on Wall Street

Crony Chronicles is a good site that addresses one of the key issues of our time; not just that, but a potentially winning issue for conservatives. It is worth bookmarking and returning to. The latest from Crony Chronicles is Miracle on Wall Street. First, the video, by our friend Justin Folk:

Crony Chronicles notes that in 2012, according to the Cato Institute, the federal government paid out $98 billion to corporations for what is conventionally referred to as corporate welfare–more than the annual profits of Ford, Apple, Microsoft, Target, Home Depot, Best Buy, Coca Cola and PepsiCo combined. No wonder big business is happy, for the most part, to coexist with big government. In addition, Crony Chronicles calculates that companies get another $200 billion in the form of tax preferences. And that doesn’t count the hidden costs of tariffs, anti-competitive regulations, and so on. Cronyism is big business, and should be on anyone’s list of government spending targeted for cuts.


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