Pass Simpson-Bowles, Watch Hilarity Ensue

In my National Review print edition article right after the election (behind a subscriber wall, alas), I suggested the House pass a bold tax reform bill right away, and send it to the Senate.   Heck, I added, “the House GOP could even just pass Simpson-Bowles, and rightly say they are passing the plan President Obama’s own commission recommended.”

I am happy to see this idea is catching on.  Mary Katherine Ham likes the idea over on Hot Air today.  I agree with MKH that Simpson-Bowles is not perfect, but let us always remember the perfect is the enemy of the good.  So I think MKH is right about the politics of this if the House GOP did it:

Cue the Democratic infighting. The president has been avoiding this plan like the plague since his own commission finished it, but it is still his commission. Rejecting it out of hand to allow liberals to continue living in debt denial might be a move so irresponsible as to make even the press notice. Republicans would demonstrate they know the calculus in Washington has changed, but that doesn’t mean they must make a flagrantly irresponsible deal when a more responsible one is available.

MKH includes links to other folks in our camp musing about this.  Worth a look.




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