Scenes from an Italian restaurant

One of my bold predictions for 2013 — coming soon! — is that Obamacare will experience “unexpected” glitches as the date of full implementation approaches. As of the applicable deadline this week, only 17 states had officially declared that they would take full responsibility for creating their own Obamacare health care exchanges. Peter Suderman reviews a few of the “unexpected” glitches.

Another of my bold predictions is that none of President Obama’s repeated assertions of the beneficent effects of Obamacare will materialize. But that’s okay. We don’t remember what they were anyway. We’ve got bigger problems.

In the current issue of the Weekly Standard, Kate Havard tracks down the owner of a successful Italian restaurant in Baltimore to discuss his efforts to come to grips with Obamacare. The interview proceeds on background to prevent retaliation against the owner — he’s a culinary Deep Throat. The resulting article — “Spaghetti with regulation sauce” — provides a telling glimpse of our brave new world.


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