Sean Penn: Bard for Our Time

There are a handful of writers, Shakespeare being the best example, whose works best come to life heard aloud rather that read silently on the two-dimensional page.  Sean Penn, the actor and, as the Puffington Host reminds us, “Ambassador-at-Large for Haiti,” is another such bard for our time.  He has a piece up right now at the PuffHo, enticingly titled “Breached Pinatas,” that will surely take its place in the canon of great literature of the West.  Or at least West Hollywood.

Now, if you are a glutton for punishment you can read the whole piece yourself at this link, or you can watch the dramatic reading of the key soliloquy below, produced by Power Line Studios.  Apologies: Patrick Stewart wasn’t unavailable to give Sean’s Penn-sive prose a proper stage-worthy reading, so you’ll have to put up with me.  (Video just 1:40 long—too long actually.  Watch and you’ll see what I mean.)