Summon this

Ireland, Finland, and Egypt are the latest countries to “summon” Israeli ambassadors for discussions on Israeli settlement expansion plans. They join Brazil, Australia, Spain, France, Britain, Sweden, and Denmark.

I understand that, as a matter of protocol, an ambassador must show up when summoned. But is it okay for the ambassador to wear a bag over his head?

The Egyptian government told Israel’s ambassador that the building of new housing units is inconsistent with the concept of land for peace. But Israel can build the 3,000 housing units in question and still have plenty of land left to offer if Palestinian representatives ever become genuinely interested in a meaningful peace.

To be sure, land that Israel plans to build on is seen as necessary if the Palestinians are to have a contiguous state. But “land for peace” doesn’t necessarily mean a contiguous Palestinian state for peace. Nor did “land for peace” ever mean that the amount and whereabouts of the land in question would be fixed indefinitely, without regard to demographic developments and Palestinian behavior.

The dogs bark but the caravan goes on.


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