The Ravens waste no time

Yesterday, in a post about the Washington Redskins thrilling 31-28 overtime win over the Baltimore Ravens, I wrote:

Baltimore, in a sense, was a victim of its own success running the ball. Washington’s pass defense is among the worst in the NFL. Any team that passes the ball only 21 times against it (as the Ravens did) is doing us a favor, regardless of how well it’s running the ball. In fact, the better the team has run the ball, the more it should make sure to exploit our pass defense, which will be all the weaker for having to worry about the run.

Ravens management appears to agree. Today Baltimore fired their offensive coordinator, Cam Cameron.

The move is a bit surprising. After all, Baltimore’s record is 9-4. And although Baltimore’s offense is only in the middle of the NFL pack in terms of yardage, that usually won’t get a coordinator fired with three games left in the season.

On the other hand, the “death penalty” doesn’t seem too harsh for a coordinator whose offense gained only 359 total yards against the Redskins.


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