The secret history of COPS in Schools

Over at NRO my daughter Eliana rescues some nearly forgotten history from the ash heap of liberal hypocrisy. She writes:

The NRA’s executive vice president, Wayne LaPierre, has been the subject of Beltway ire for his proposal to put police officers in schools across the country; the White House, lawmakers, and political analysts on both sides of the aisle have summarily denounced him. Rewind just 13 years, though, and many of these lawmakers were cheering a proposal that bears a remarkable resemblance to the one set forth by the NRA: President Clinton’s “COPS in Schools” program.

The subhead on the column notes that “Pelosi, Schumer, and other Dems were for it before they were against it.” There’s a lot of that going around. The story of the COPS in Schools program provides an interesting and timely example.


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