Time out for Dave Brubeck tonight

My friend Bill McClay writes:

You might want to post something on PL about this. Ken Dryden is a friend and a solid jazz journalist, both on radio and in print. He’s written liner notes for literally hundreds of albums. (Joe Biden has not entirely ruined the word “literally” for me, not yet.)

I haven’t heard this particular show yet, but I’ve heard other things Ken has done on Brubeck, and they’ve always been excellent. I don’t know of anything else like this to be done in honor of Brubeck, at least not yet. Interested PL readers can listen to this tonight starting at 8:20 PM Eastern time streaming through the WUTC website (click on Listen Live in the upper left hand corner).

Doug Ramsey, who does the Rifftides blog on the Arts Journal website, has this about it. But PL has the power to reach beyond the devotees, not to mention finding devotees-to-be, which is precisely what Brubeck did, in and with his marvelous career…

Well, here’s hoping anyway. If you have any interest in the music, please check out the show tonight and pass the information along to those who might be similarly inclined.


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