Congressman Tom Cotton

On Thursday, Tom Cotton will be sworn in as a member of the House of Representatives. Tom’s election was, in our view, the best news to come out of Election Night. I expect his swearing in to be the best news to come out of Capitol Hill for a good while.

We’re happy to report that Tom has been assigned to two key committees: Financial Services and Foreign Affairs. These assignments are extraordinary for a freshman. They demonstrate the esteem in which Tom already is held on the Hill.

These days, I spend a fair amount of time reading about the careers of important 19th Century political figures. I particularly enjoy learning about their rise to office, very often from the ranks of attorneys and/or the military.

Tom has risen from both of those ranks, which is quite exceptional for a 21st Century political figure. I’m excited to be a witness to it.

We want to thank the many Power Line readers who supported Tom’s successful campaign.

STEVE adds: Let’s not forget that Rep. Cotton is a loyal Power Line reader:


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