Happy New Year!

OK, I’m a little late. In some past years, I have done elaborate New Year’s Eve posts with photos from around the world. To be honest, those were probably years when I didn’t get invited to a New Year’s Eve party. This year, Loree and I had a great time at such a party. We hung out with old friends and met quite a few new ones, and stayed up late, like until 2:30.

Did we get much done today? No. Consistent with the rule I have followed for some years, I didn’t watch any football games about whose outcome I didn’t care. Which would be all of them. My most productive activity was going to the range with my friend Mitch Berg, where we fired about 300 rounds at targets near and far. I shot Mitch’s SIG Sauer P250, and he shot my Armalite AR-24. We both shot very well. This was one of my best groups; the range captain complimented it: “Good shooting!” Does that warm your heart, or what?

He complimented Mitch, too. We were hot.

So tomorrow, it’s back to work. We have published this web site for over a decade now, and everywhere we go–like, for instance, last night’s New Year’s Eve party–we bump into people who appreciate our contributions to discourse on public policy issues. Or our coverage of soccer, music and beauty pageants–whatever. So, to all of our readers and friends, I echo Steve’s sentiments, posted a little while ago–it sounds like his evening may have been a bit rougher than ours–Happy New Year!


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